AAT Essentials: Budgeting for the Small Business – Planning and Control

Implementing simple budgeting in business aids planning and enables businesses to monitor their performance and keep an eye out for danger signs. This AAT Essential one-day training session will help participants to prepare budgets, make informed budgeting decisions and effectively communicate financial information (for example, to business partners or the bank). 


This is a one-day training workshop developed for business people without an accounting and finance background, the courses provide practical, straight talking training, packed with the essentials of how to manage business finance more effectively.

There are four sessions within this seminar: -


Session One – Why a Budget: What is a budget, When to budget, Why a business needs to complete a budget. 


Session Two – Operational Budgets: Component parts of an operational budget, What an operational budget looks like, Sources of information for figures in operational budgets, Factors that influence figures in operational budgets, The scope of an operational budget, How to calculate figures for an operational budget. 


Session Three – Cash Flow Budgets: Component parts of a cash flow budget, What a cash flow budget looks like, Sources of information for figures in cash flow budgets, Factors that influence figures in cash flow budgets, How to calculate figures for a cash flow budget. 


Session Four – Using Budgets to Manage and Control the Business: The budgeting process, The importance of completing budgets, How to use a budget.


This seminar is generally run at our London City EC2 and Oxford Circus centres. Get in touch for full detail of upcoming availability or to book your place.

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