All of our centres are fully open for in centre study and exams. Distance Learning (home study) courses are still available.

All of our centres are fully open for in centre study and exams. Distance Learning (home study) courses are still available.

IT Training Courses

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Is IT a good career?

IT (Information Technology) is one of the fastest growing industries with opportunities available across nearly every business sector. As such, IT graduates often find fast employment and a prospective long-term career.

Many IT roles are also high-skilled and hugely competitive - and therefore command generous salaries.

Are IT jobs in demand?

Employers now regard areas of cyber security, web development, cloud computing, software updates, and ongoing technical repairs as critical to business growth.

As a result, IT qualifications from reputable educating bodies, such as Pitman Training, are considered the gold standard for employers worldwide.

Who is an IT training course for?

We recommend an IT skills course for anyone who has a passion for computing. Whether that is to begin a career in IT, branch out from a computer admin job, or add another skill to your CV, our IT lessons cover all the essentials you need to land your next role.

In our course list, you’ll find everything from beginner units, such as understanding programming languages, all the way up to career-specific IT technician courses.

What will I learn on an IT skills course?

Our IT computer courses are carefully designed with career development in mind. For instance, Pitman units specifically cater to roles in software development, web development, and cloud computing, to name a few.

There are also IT classes for essential industry-standard applications, such as HTML5, and units that earn trainees a respected CompTIA Cloud+ certification – a cloud computing must-have.

Why study computing with Pitman?

  • A highly respected training provider, an IT diploma from us gives your CV a competitive edge.
  • Our Pitman IT training courses cover everything from software development to programming.
  • Looking to learn IT online alongside another Pitman training course? Our IT classes pair well with cyber security and server administration courses.
  • At Pitman, our IT qualifications are all available online and in-centre. Those who prefer to study IT in-person can do so with a trusted advisor in one of our local training centres. If you prefer online IT training, you can do that with us, too. Browse our myPitman portal or get in touch to learn more.
  • All of our IT training courses are CPD-accredited, earning you valuable CPD points that are highly regarded among employers.
  • Take IT training courses online and in-centre at your own pace. Whether it is full-time or part-time, our Pitman IT training courses easily slot into your schedule.
  • Whether you learn online or at one of our training centres, you can always count on the support of our Pitman English course advisors to guide your learning journey.

Complete IT qualifications with Pitman Training

Here at Pitman, we work with you to ensure you’re getting the most from your IT course.

Whether you have little experience in IT or have worked with computers for years, our CPD-accredited courses cater to your skill level. Just pick and mix the units you like to get the career benefits you deserve. When you’re ready, simply sign into myPitman to secure your place.

To find out more about how to learn IT online with Pitman, get in touch with our training experts for a free and friendly consultation.

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