All of our centres are fully open for in centre study and exams. Distance Learning (home study) courses are still available.

All of our centres are fully open for in centre study and exams. Distance Learning (home study) courses are still available.

Shorthand Courses

A competency in Shorthand is an indispensable skillset to maintain, enabling you to work at speed, recording with accuracy as you go.

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What is shorthand?

Shorthand is an efficient transcribing method that transfers audible content to written symbols. Shorthand skills have long been crucial to professional occupations, especially in the legal and medical fields where speed and accuracy are paramount.

At Pitman Training, you can expect to learn shorthand from the very best. In fact, the Pitman Training founder, Sir Isaac Pitman, developed today’s most practised shorthand style nearly two centuries ago.

Why do I need to learn shorthand?

Learning shorthand helps develop administration and office skills by speeding up transcription, improving accuracy and aiding listening skills.

Even with technological advancements, shorthand remains a useful transferable skill in many traditional professions. A valuable time-saver, shorthand courses are essential for those in office-based roles where recording and note-taking are important.

Is shorthand hard to learn?

When you learn shorthand, you effectively learn a new language. However, once you understand the patterns and techniques of learning shorthand, the word-to-symbol translation can quickly feel like second nature – especially when you regularly practice your shorthand style.

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Why choose Pitman Training for shorthand courses?

  • A Pitman Training shorthand certification is considered the pinnacle of speedwriting excellence.
  • Our shorthand courses cover everything from learning the Teeline shorthand system to speedwriting and transcribing passages.
  • Combine your shorthand and speedwriting training with a related Pitman Training course to enhance your skills and improve your employability. Touch typing courses often pair well with shorthand training.
  • Our shorthand training centres can be found across the UK. Courses run all year long, but there are also online shorthand and speedwriting courses for those who prefer working from home.
  • With Pitman, you can choose to learn shorthand anytime you like. Whether it is full-time or part-time, you enjoy a flexible schedule that suits your schedule.

Careers in shorthand

  • Shorthand is essential for anyone looking to go into journalism, secretarial work or medical transcription.
  • If you already work in an office-based profession, such as a personal assistant or as a legal secretary, a robust shorthand or speedwriting understanding will help to improve day-to-day productivity.

Shorthand courses available

Learning how to write shorthand is simple with any of our CPD-accredited Pitman Training courses.

We recommend our Teeline courses (Teeline Fast Shorthand and Teeline Professional) to those who have no experience of learning shorthand.

Various courses are also available for those with more advanced knowledge of the shorthand system. Each is curated to improve your shorthand skills at your own pace. Choose from Shorthand Fast, Shorthand Faster or try your hand at our speedwriting course and workshop to become an expert in speedy transcription.

Whichever shorthand or speedwriting course you choose, our experienced course advisors are with you every step of the way.

Just contact us for a free, friendly career consultation with the training experts.

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